Finland is well-known globally for its cultural, social and economic achievements. Amongst some of the success stories is its renowned education system [1] that aims to provide equal opportunities and high-level professional expertise to all of its students. Finland consistently ranks high on one of the most important standardized tests, PISA, that assesses the primary education level of a large number of countries [2]. The higher education system is a continuation to Finland’s achievements on the primary school level, which is based on providing students with free learning material, professional and supportive staff, modern and abundant study facilities as well as all the necessary personal help for any individual student. Finland is a regular presence in the top hundreds of best universities in the world [3].


Currently, Finnish higher education institutions give opportunities for foreign students to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.  A large variety of degree programs taught in English guarantees that the student will find a suitable match for their interests and will go on to develop their skills in their chosen area of expertise. 

An increasing number of institutions providing upper secondary education and vocational degrees is opening their doors to foreign students by introducing English language degree programs [4]. These vocational degree programs give students the possibility to study a profession that is always in demand in Finland as well as abroad. By completing a vocational degree training in Finland, the student is eligible for applying to a university of higher education (i.e. Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences).

Since the beginning of the century, Finland has experienced a steady increase in the number of foreign students coming to complete their higher education in one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world that provides equal opportunities to people of all nationalities and religions. [5], [6]. Finland is also famous for its strong focus on providing the same opportunities for both genders [7]. If you are still looking for a university to kick off your career and pique your professional interests, Finland’s acclaimed education system has all the right ingredients for you!







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