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Looking to study in Finland?

In the Top 3 Best Education Systems in the World
And the best educational environment for International Students

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Find the perfect study abroad program
to meet your educational goals.

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Find the perfect study abroad program
to meet your educational goals.

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We assist and accompany students from around the world through their journey to Finland for the pursuit of education. TwoNorths Education Abroad offers applicants high quality customer service throughout the application processes to both educational institutions and to the relevant authorities in the immigration process 

– From the program selection and requirements, documents and  translations, entrance exams and interviews… to obtaining health insurance, housing assistance and full professional legal support from a team of professional counselors to ensure best results with the immigration dossier. We also accompany our students during their arrival to Finland and post-arrival practicalities that come up when moving to a new country.

Meet Your

Contact us and book an appointment to discuss your possible study degree programs in Finnish universities, let's get to know you and know about your education abroad goals.

Sellect Your
Study Program

From a wide range of accredited English taught Bachelor's, Master's and Vocational Study Programs in Finland to suit your ambitions

Prepare For
Tests & Exams

Entrance examinations are an important step during the application & admission process to Finnish universities depending on the program degree, although some programs require pre-assignments or video interviews.

Advise Housing

When making the final decision to fly to Finland and debark upon this Nordic journey as a student, housing and accommodation arrangement is one of the first things to consider, we will assist you in the housing options and arrangements.

European Health

Students must obtain appropriate insurance before moving to Finland to cover their possible medical expenses. The insurance is obtained through a private insurance company in their home country or an international insurance company.

Arrange Travel,
Study & Immigration

As we met you on your first step before your departure, now we'll be the first to meet you and offer you warm welcoming, airport pick-up and delivery to your new living destination within the Uusimaa Region

Get Free Consultation Calls
Whether you would like a quote or have a general question, we’re happy to call you back free of charge, at a time to suit you. Simply fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.


Serge Ryndov

On-Boarding Consultant, - Finland
FI: +358 45 699 0190

Lamia Bellarbi

Country Manager, Africa
DZ: +213 (0) 770 108 208

Walid Toumiat

Area Manager - Asia
VN: +84866826794

Anh Hoang

Partner Consultant- Asia
VN: +84912886607

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+358 (0) 45 699 0190

Taitoniekantie 9 B 805 40740 JYVÄSKYLÄ,


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